Apply Directly to the Forehead

If you're like me there's nothing more relaxing and entertaining than watching Faux News Sunday before weekend church services. My favorite commentator is Bill Kristol, Neo-Con extrodinaire, and original proponent and achitect of the American failed policy in Iraq. What I love about Bill is he's always smiling regardless of the topic being discussed. Genocide in Darfur, the potential collapse of the global economy, a dozen American boys blown to smithereens by suicide car bombers, Bill always has that shit eating grin on his face. I learned to live with it, until late one Saturday night I was watching "How to get rich buying forclosures" and I saw an ad for Kristol Wipes. I immediately got out my credit card and ordered the value pack. They work like a charm. Just wipe the TV screen directly on Bill's forehead and Viola, the shit eating smirk was gone. Check out the results above, then try them for yourself. You couldn't find a better
product anywhere!

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