"Stupid" Quotes

"Weese spoke again at the end of the meeting, citing his frustration with everything from administrators being seated with the board at meetings to making him wait until the end of a meeting to speak. Weese went on to call several board members and administrators “stupid” and left the meeting without waiting for board member response."



Hey ATBL, Lay off Weese already said...

I saw this on the HSO website and agree with it: "Grub, I wouldn’t put too much stock in this reporter’s comments about Mr. Weese. This paper has had it in for him for years. Mr. Weese is a good man. There are literally hundreds of like-minded people in this community who rely on Mr. Weese to keep a close eye on this school district. He is a concerned citizen and a tenacious watchdog, always looking out for the best interests of us taxpayers. He has a mind like a steel trap when it comes to the numbers that the school finance people throw around in an attempt to intimidate common people from asking pertinent questions. He speaks eloquently at school board meetings and stands up to the arrogance that the school board and administration show the citizens. Unlike most of us, he put himself on the line and ran for school board a few years ago and would have been elected if not for the defamation that was allowed against him by this very newspaper. Keep up the good work Mr. Weese!"

Please Respond said...

Can the blogmaster please explain why this blog is dedicated to attacking one certain individual in Hudson? Why are you so hard on this one guy? Don't you have more important things to write about? Give the guy a break. WWJD?

Blog Master said...

Who are you referring to? Who should we give a break to and why? The quote in this post came from the Hudson Star Observer. Like other local bloggers, we use HSO quote occasionally. We occasionally find interesting quotes there that help to educate the community. That is a big part of what we do here. If we see a retraction in the HSO that this quote is inaccurate,we would remove it from this site. We have a strict code of ethics that here.

We are not very good a labelling everyone who disagrees with us as a communist or a socialist -- or stupid for that matter. We don't pick on spouses or mention their annaul income and their kids by name. When someone picks on us by name on another local blog, we don't threaten to sue them.

Can you remember back to a time in your life -- maybe junior high -- where there were certain guys who knew everything and anybody would didn't agree with them was "stupid." These kinds of guys liked to get in your face and intimidate you with their bully-boy, spit showers. These are the guys that would call fat girls "twinkies." They would threaten to do harm to you, if you didn't agree with them. People like that are real jerks aren't they!

WWJD? Jesus would wonder why a peanut vendor was calling Him a Marxist.

Steve Dzubay @ HSO said...

Isn’t freedom of expression a good thing? You need not rely on these pages for “biased” information, through the wonders of the Internet, you can publish it yourself."

"Kilber refers to an 'obvious and malicious refusal to print four submissions.' We can only recall one submission - a letter by Marion Shaw - which was outright rejected. The only other letter we can conclude Kilber might be referring to was one supposedly sent by Curt Weese. We were unable to find it and since we'd published Weese letters each of the past four weeks, it was unlikely he had anything truly new to contribute."

"As expected, both Weese and Shaw took the absence of their letters as a personal affront and proceeded to rant and call us names from the safety of Kilber's blog."

"After viewing Kilber's site recently and seeing the wide-ranging ridicule, sarcasm, copyright violations and a general lack of civility, he might be surprised to learn that some of us have begun to navigate around such bullying."

"please respond" responder said...

Do you think that "please respond" is referring to the individual who screams at swimmers parents on the phone, and routinely shouts out to people who don't agree with him with a friendly "You piece of sh*t"? Is this "one certain individual " the same individual who threatens to engage in fisticuffs with citizens attending School Board meetings, who
finds "Communists" in every public school classroom and is so envious of teacher's benefits that he has to broadcast their "compensations packages" on the internet so others
can join him in his envy?

"please respond" asks WWJD?
I always believed that Jesus's was big on forgiveness. But I also believe he might expect a little contrition before he forgave. Has anyone seen any contrition from said individual? I know I haven't.