GOP Talking Point 082907:

Democrats Have A Double Standard

Idaho Senator Larry Craig Drops the Soap in Minneapolis Airport

I listened to four different conservative, talk radio shows today and the main topic and akk was how there is a double standard with the Democrats concerning sex and the law. Senator Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct involving an incident in the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport. Later he said his plea was a mistake.

I haven't heard any sound bites from elected Democrats condemning or discussing the Craig incident. I've heard sound bites from a couple of Republicans.

Of course the purpose of today's GOP talking point is to get the gun-tooting, redneck, homophobes pointing this double standard out to their beer drinking buddies at the local roadhouse. Problem is those right wing radio quackers forget that their listeners weren't asked to define "double standard" on their GED tests.

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love life advisor said...

Democrats just have no sense of adventure. There's nothing more romantic than a impromptu interlude in an airport bathroom stall!

Anonymous said...

Sunny B.,

You forgot the adjective "religious Fanatic" when describing the GOP faithful...

I'm pretty conservative, but I don't think the media has a double standard in this area (sexual antics). Gary Studds (D-MA) was raked over the coals some years back for his admitted homosexual affair with a 17 year old pageboy. And Barney Frank took plenty of criticism when his roommate was running a homosexual prosititution service out of his (Frank's) apartment in Washington.

Most conservatives are publicly (or privately) calling on Craig to resign -- and he should. I think the more media attention on this, the better. Peeking through the cracks in commode stall doors is no different than peeking through holes into women's bathrooms - both are perversions that suggest an unfitness for high office.

Unlike the constituents of Studds and Frank, I do not believe that the voters of Idaho are going to send Craig back to Washington.
He needs to go now, and the media needs to get back to more important issues.

Sunny Badger said...


Di you listen to "conservative" talk radio? I do and I don't think that type of slander is aimmed at intelligent conservatives. I think it aimmed at the one-issue idiots whose mind is made up and just need their talking slogans freshened up occasionally.