GASP!!! Right Wing Republican Research Group Finds...

Morning News Shows 'Promoting' Democrats

I know this is going to be hard for you too believe, but the Media Research Center (MRC) has released a study that finds the coverage on the 2008 Presidential election is "overwhelmingly focused on Democrats, [and] they are actively promoting the Democrats' liberal agenda." MRC is a conservative media watchdog group run by president and founder Brent Bozell. The Center has a $6 million annual budget, 60 staff members, is funded by larger right-wing foundations and tries to find liberal bias in the media. I read about this report in a Cybercast News Service (CNSNews) e-blast. CNSNews is a subsidiary of MRC.

Luckily, it doesn't take $6 million a year to find conservative bias in the media. Locally, you can find it for free on KTLK 100.3 FM radio or 1280 AM Patriot radio.

Read the whole story here.

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Survivor Fan Poly Anna said...

I can't understand why news programs would be promoting
Democrats when they could be focusing on all the good things
the last 8 years of Republican rule have brought us like;

The Katrina response debacle.
The Iraq War
The Sub-Prime lending crisis
Abramoff Scandals
Republican Pervert Senators and Congressmen Larry Craig and Mark Foley
White House-credentialed fake news reporter & Gay Prostitute "Jeff Gannon"
The outing CIA Valerie Plame
Stock Market Volatility
Stagnant Wages
Health care Crisis
Higher Gas Prices
Collapses of infra structure
to name a few.