Ayn Rand's Philosophical Foster Child

I just heard an interview with Gene Simmons (Of KISS fame ) on NPR's " Fresh Air". This guy needs to hook up with OTBL and Auntie Ayn Rand ASAP. I couldn't help but think of the obnoxious philosophy espoused by those who wallow in the stagnant water of the borderline backwater swamps as I listened to Simmons. He's a resonant echo chamber of borderline baloney.
Listen http://erim.net/misc/GeneSimmons_TerryGross.mp3 (copy & paste link into browser) and judge for yourself. I'll go get the barf bag for you.

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An actual fan's review:
"When Gene Simmons named his new album 'Asshole' few people would argue it was an inappropriate name. Gene does have a reputation to uphold after all.

Asshole is his first solo in 26 years. Kiss as a commercial product is pretty much about equal parts Gene's 'rock star' to Paul's 'pop star'. Extract the Gene component into a solo record and you get a hard rock sound."

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Dog E. Style said...

Gee I wonder if Ayn Rand smoked? Simmons and Rand would make a nice couple.