Produce, Use & Abuse

Ann Coulter tried to give a piece away this week, but was arrested for impersonating a woman. She was hauled away clutching a dildo that had broken loose from under her dress, as a pit bull ran wimpering away from her after refusing her advances. She was heard screaming something about sucking poor people and begging someone to please make her their ho. She said she found it repulsive having do it with herself. She said she even do it with Rush Limbaugh, even if she had to buy the Viagra.

This process of continuing the anti-community hillbilly species at the expense of the poor is alive and well here locally. Over the years we have seen this inbreeding of ignorance used by many of this area's lowest, tax-dodging, dentally challenged hillbilly bloggers. Luke never hesitates to bring his duct taped child into the conversation; Flash has cheated at playing the dear old common law stepdad card, O. Nominous has literally paraded naked in handcuffs in opposition to S & M. Townwhiner, who had issues with the pop machine money at school, resorted to leaving the school board meeting with the policeman.

Last fall we had members of the Anti-Community Hillbilly Blog Association, under the supervision of one Peanut Fungus, picking their noses before a school board meeting in order to bring to attention dietary irregularities at the high school. It was especially embarrassing to hear the spawn of one of these hillbillies deny that he ever shoplifted duct tape for his Mom's baby-daddy. He dared people to step into his engineer boots and spend a day in a hot tub with a group of anti-community bloggers watching the movie Deliverance over and over. Of course all those who helped get President Bush to come to Hudson in 2004 applauded the use duct tape as a political weapon and facial cover-up. Never mind that the big ignorant baby daddy does not pay taxes because he doesn't work, complains when the liquor store won't let him use food stamps for beer, hasn't faced the daily deadlines of a job since his paper route, hasn't had to deal with a big egotistical common law step dad like his kids have to, and has no earthly idea what making a living entails.

And that is my word for the day.

Pictures of anti-community, hillbilly blogger child abuse:

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towncrier watcher said...

Excellent retort (I mean "report") Kowboy. I'm still wondering why ace borderwhiner "towncrier" is so fixated on children. Oh - you don't suppose he's one of those, do you? Creepy. We need the HSO to put out a reward for unmasking the towncrier. I'm sure his wife, boss, friends and pastor/priest would be interested to find out about his predilection for other people's kids. To bad such a sick fuck lives amongst us.