Republican Propagnada Hoodwinks America

Lynch Testifies

"U.S. officials originally said Lynch fought her attackers until her ammunition ran out, but she later said she never fired a shot.

Tuesday, Lynch told her side of the story.

Lynch and the family of Soldier Pat Tillman spoke to a House of Representatives panel about the inaccuracies surrounding what happened to both soldiers and why the truth was hidden.

She says the heroic stories told through the media were fabricated."

At least a couple people spotted the truth back in 2003.
University of Rochester Student Michael Newmark for one.
In his student newspaper he writes:

The Republican propaganda masters at work

"I did not watch the TV movie devoted to the subject of the heroic Jessica Lynch, but not for the reasons you might expect from a college student, such as laziness or not owning a TV. Actually, the reason why I did not watch the movie was because I, frankly, refused to watch it.

The story itself has all the makings of a typical propaganda film of the type perfected by Hitler's cronies, and, like those films, I am sure it neglected to mention a few crucial facts that most Americans aren't aware of - for example, that she was kept in a civilian hospital where there were no Iraqi soldiers present.

I find it convenient that this TV movie should premiere just when the military is having its hardest time in Iraq, and the American public is really starting to doubt the necessity of our going there in the first place. There's nothing like a good piece of propaganda to make you turn your mind away from all the pieces of evidence that scream to the effect we shouldn't have invaded Iraq in the first place - like no evidence of nuclear or biological weapons, for starters. To me, this movie symbolizes the last act of a desperate man, scrambling wildly to rationalize a series of totally unnecessary acts of violence and diplomatic isolation."

Lynch's Testimony:Newsweek.

......."So what really happened?
I didn’t even get a shot off. My weapon had jammed. And I didn’t even get to fire. A rocket-propelled grenade hit the back of our [Humvee], which made Lori [Piestewa], my friend, lose control of the vehicle, and we slammed into the back of another truck in our unit.

Who is to blame for spreading the misinformation?
Well, I think really the military and the media. The military, for not setting the record straight and the media for spreading it, and not seeking the true facts. They just ran with it instead of waiting until the facts were straightened out.

What do you hope Congress achieves with today’s hearing?
I hope it [helps] the Tillman family get the accurate information that they deserve. They need to know what happened to their son and why they were lied to."

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