Not The OnTheBorderLiners Hudson!!!

Travel magazine names Hudson top ‘small town’

by Doug Stohlberg
Hudson Star-Observer
Published Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hudson was recognized by Midwest Living magazine as a “Best Small Town in the Midwest” to visit. In an article titled, “The 100 Best Small-Town Getaways,” Hudson was listed as No. 58.

Midwest Living is considered one of the nation’s top travel publications.

“This is a wonderful honor,” said Kim Heinemann, president of the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau. “We have always worked hard to promote our community, and it is a great honor to be recognized by this respected publication.”



Curt Ass said...

Hey what happened to the VOTE YES banner?

Hudson Booster said...

Don't forget, ontheborderline.nut has named Hudson as worst place to live (not visit ) in their latest Wisconsin Tax Hell Living Edition. That's why they live here, to raise Hell for everybody else that likes it here.

Huh? said...

I read on a very reputable source (OTBL) that Hudson was falling apart all around us - rampant foreclosures, retired people being taxed out of their homes, union thugs running amok, bankruptcy and poverty everywhere, big government bureaucracy running the show, falling home prices and rocket-to-the-moon property taxes. Who in their right mind would live here? Time to move to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. That's the place to be.

The Truthifier said...

Midwest Living magazine is just one of the many communist Trotskite conspiritors hell bent on spreading the teacher union thug propaganda that Hudson is such a wonderful Socialist-Statist Utopian City State.
OTBL insiders are in the know concerning Midwest Magazine's secret alliance with the powerful teacher union thugs and their even more powerful and insidious spouses. Don't fall prey to their propoganda or before you know it your children will be convinced that Global Warming is a reality and start demanding that you trade the old Ford 150 pickup in for a Toyota Prius. Midwest magazine is dangerous Communist propoganda and should be kept out of the reach of children. As usual, the geniuses at OTBL have scooped the entire world and unveiled this magazine's true agenda.