Let There Be Light!

Interesting column by Craig Westover in the Pioneer Press today discussing the politics of mercury and the CFL lights.

On light-bulb mania, facts and consequences

I did my part for the environment the other day: I persuaded a young woman to reshelf half a shopping cart of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) she intended to purchase. She was out to help the environment, but when she discovered that CFLs contain mercury, she did what an intelligent person should do: She decided to do some research before bringing those environmental Trojan horses into her home.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are the pigtail-shaped light bulbs that Al Gore and a phalanx of environmental groups, home improvement retailers, and the Environmental Protection Agency are pushing like Eric Estrada shilling retirement property in Arkansas. CFLs are going to save the planet from the grip of global warming. They use less energy than a standard light bulb, which means coal-burning power plants spew less greenhouse gas into the air.

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