Food poisoning in China - One more reason to promote globalization

The Food and Drug Administration is dramatically expanding its investigation into contaminated pet food, after some U.S. companies suggested the contamination was no accident. It also appears the contaminant involved — melamine — could reach human food.
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The Chinese government's investigation into tainted pet food that was exported to the U.S. has revealed that melamine contamination is part of a broader problem in China: inadequate product controls. Beijing vows to tackle the problem with special attention to fertilizers, pesticides and additives to animal food.
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CATO clone said...

So what's the big deal 35,000 people in China die of food poisoning. You'd think they were Americans or something.
If Americans die from uninspected contaminated food from China, they can always sue somebody. That's the price of freedom. It's still better than the government confiscating MY money to pay for inspections of food that someboday else may eat. If you really want to be safe you'd have your servants sample your food before you consume it. The Free Market will kill off the weak and the world will be a better place.