Republicans Identify More Wacko Global Warming Puppets

Obviously the Republicans would like to divert the attention away from the Iraq War and the Bush-Cheney miscalculation. What better issue to divert attention away from the present...

Pay attention Dino and Grover da Weasel

Republicans see global warming alarmism

WASHINGTON — House Republicans made it clear Wednesday they won't make things easy for Democrats trying to lay the groundwork for legislation on greenhouse gases and climate change.

At the first hearing of a special committee established by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make the case for a bill, Republicans questioned efforts to paint global warming as a national security threat.

"Unfortunately, this debate hasn't been characterized by common sense. It's been characterized by extremism," said Wisconsin Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the senior Republican on the panel. "While this extremism hasn't done anything to produce effective solutions, it has created a lot of hot air, which hasn't been good for Congress' carbon footprint."

Sensenbrenner questioned "why global warming has suddenly become an issue of national defense" and afterward accused politicians and pundits of stoking children's fears.

Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., said Sensebrenner's remarks reveal also that "there's a lot of fear in Congress."

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