Carbon Dioxide - Your New Friend

If the Big Oil corporate ho's at the Competitive Enterprise Institute had the last word on C02 emmissions, the next time you climb Mt. Everest or see grandma getting a little
wheezy, you'd reach for a great big bottle of C02....
Didn't you know C02 is life. Try some today:


Pres. Deceptive Ad Council Inc said...

Nice job CEI.
Your production team is so good they could sell arsenic sprinkles for breakfast cereal. Keep up the Good Work!

666 said...

Gee, we couldn't live in an atmosphere of pure oxygen either...it would definately eliminate the debate on smoking.

I read on a local blog the there is no global warming, because the average temperatur increase over the last century is only about one degree. Of course, that would be the average which is a bunch of readings added together and divided by the number of instances.

Has any noticed that the right-wing, hyper free0market bloggers have been blastic over the global warming debate for the past few weeks? Have you noticed that they've become mute about the war in Iraq that they used to spend so much time defending?

Maybe global warming is their ultimate debating issue. They can dumb it down to stats like "only one degree" and people will look stop reading the current issue of the Enquirer and say "what's the big deal" and go back to reading about Brittney Spears paying for the tatoos and Anna Nicole Smith's bady.