Early Schoolday Nostalgia

National Soviet Schools Week always makes me nostalgic for the good old days of cold war.
My memories are fond of my days back in motherland at Soviet School 666 and my early indoctrination sessions. Oh what a happy times. As young pioneer I learned the ways of the revolution, the glory of the motherland and the lies of Capitalists exploitationiks.
Bopcha would read to me from my favorite little red book, written by my Dzadja, Mikhail so long ago.
But those days are long ago and gone. Today we make progress and become Capitalist Wealth Building Tanning Salon Entrepenuers. It is better life now with Freedom and Liberty and a good tan to go with our higher calling to make buck from stupid sheepniks.
Today I celebrate Freedom and Liberty and Stock Portfolio, but long so much for the old days of More Government, and Less Freedom.

Read more from Djadja's Book Here:
And about life in mother Russian from my evil twin at ontherborderline.net.

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