Back to the Future


CANRAC said...

You didn't have to wait 20 years, most people in town don't give a rats ass now. Like I said, I'm sure the new chief will be jumping right on this one. I hope he has a clause in his contract to get reimbursed for late night rant phone calls.

BTW, has anybody ever identified exactly why the threat letter was deemed slander on our local nutz, and who exactly was alledgedly set up to be blamed? I guess the forensic guys meter quit running before they got to that one.

Bone Digger said...

Isn't it interesting how they keep recycling the same old crap and slander. Let's see, it's cold and most of the OTBL wingnuts have falled off the tree. The sames old Kurtness is posting under three or four names and nobobdy's responding. Some they decide it's time to pick on Arnie and Ron...aren't they retired? Then there's the good old threat letter. I'm sure the new chief will get right on that one. Does he have to solve the pillow case flashed deal first? Say, that wasn't a bright pink pillow case was it?