Challenge Free-Market Fundamentalism

"Market fundamentalism has become like the air we breathe; we hardly notice it. Every time George W. Bush argues for more tax cuts, he relies on the unquestioned assumption that we all embrace market fundamentalism. Like religious fundamentalism, it is based more on faith than on reason. Through constant repetition, however, the American public has been bullied into believing that private spending is rational and efficient, while public spending is always wasteful and unproductive. (Tell that to people in New Orleans.)"

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the Profit said...

Bush's New Budget is more of the same that you speak of here.
Cutting Medicare and Medicaid while wanting to make his tax cuts for the uber wealthy permanent. When are people going to wake up and smell the dung that's being thrown at them?
This budget is D.O.A.

the profit said...

From the Book of Midas:
Chapter 6, verse 6. The Lord sayeth.
"Thou shalt raise up the rich and cast down the looters. Thou shalt wail and gnash your teeth against those who taxeth and teacheth and I shall cast them into eternal socialist darkness" Thus Sayeth the Lord of Greed.

Fun D. Mental said...

From Critiques of Libertarianism


Many libertarian arguments are like fundamentalist arguments: they depend upon restricting your attention to a very narrow field so that you will not notice that they fail outside of that field. For example, fundamentalists like to restrict the argument to the bible. Libertarians like to restrict the argument to their notions of economics, justice, history, and rights and their misrepresentations of government and contracts. Widen the scope, and their questionable assumptions leap into view.