New sermon from the evangelical pulpit: global warming

"My total perspective on environmental issues and life in general was drastically altered. This went beyond any political, racial, or gender issues - it is a moral crisis."

Rev. Gerald Durley
Atlanta's Providence Missionary Baptist Church.

By Jane Lampman
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

As a deeply committed pastor in Atlanta's African-American community, the Rev. Gerald Durley had long thought of himself as enlightened and involved when it came to issues that hurt people's lives. He felt he was fulfilling his responsibilities to others. Until, he says, he saw the film "The Great Warming" last May.

Dr. Durley has since shown the documentary on global warming to his congregation and invited ministers, rabbis, and imams to see it. He has gone on radio to discuss the crisis and is promoting sermons on the subject. A discussion he held with Atlanta children has been edited into the latest version of the film.

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Cato said...

Such indoctrination is worse than what they normal teach at those places.


norseman said...

You seem to be running from your faith. After-all there is a difference between indoctrination and the truth. In this case, the truth will set you free.