Elephant Ditto Dung

Rush Limbaugh: "This takes us to Carl Levin. I watched him on television this morning at a press conference announcing what his priorities are going to be as chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate. Yesterday he was on, what was it, Stephanopoulos' show on ABC, and the question was, 'Senator Levin, your leader, Senator Harry Reid, said that the Democrats' first order of business will be investigating Iraq. Is that your first order of business?'"

Carl Levin: "First order of business, I believe, is to join hopefully with some Republicans who I think now will emerge to press the administration to change course in Iraq by telling the Iraqis that our presence there is not open-ended and that as a matter of fact we need to begin a phase redeployment of forces from Iraq in four to six months."

Rush Limbaugh: "Four to six months. I'll tell you, when you listen to these guys, there's a person who remains glaringly irrelevant to them, and that's the president, George W. Bush."

Bingo Rush! Bingo!

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