If You're Not Playing With A Full Deck, It's Because Paul Is Playing The Race Card

Race card, political correctness charges in 3rd C.D. race

by Bob Hague & Paul Knoff, WCCN

Race is becoming an issue in the Third Congressional District, where Republican Paul R. Nelson says he’s speaking the truth and fighting political correctness.

Nelson first drew attention by calling for the profiling of young Muslim men. Asked how to identify those who could be singled out, Nelson said that "if he comes in wearing a turban and his name is Mohammed, that's a good start." Another key issue for Nelson, illegal immigration, is also racially charged, but he insists he's no racist. The problem, says Nelson, is political correctness. "There are some things you can't even talk about, without being accused of being a racist," says Nelson. "It's not being unreasonable, to ask people to follow the law."

Democratic incumbent Kind says he's disappointed with the "level of debate" coming from his opponent. "He's also fond of wearing this tee shirt that says 'Vote for Pedro,' and he has 'Pedro" crossed out and 'Paul' underneath it," says Kind. "There are racial undertones to that."

Nelson was dealt a blow this week when the head of the 3rd District GOP blasted his own candidate’s controversial TV ad that boldly states “Ron Kind pays for sex, but not for soldiers”, referring to a series of National Institute of Health Grants which Kind voted for in Congress. Gary Arneson called the ads "below the belt" and "unbecoming" of a Republican candidate.

Hear the audio.

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GOP'd off said...

Gary Arneson called the ads "below the belt" and "unbecoming" of a Republican candidate.???????????????

This from the Party that invented the Willie Horton attack ad?