GOP disavows Paul R. Nelson’s ‘sex’ ad

When Creepy Republicans Say Paul Nelson Is Creepy, He Must Be Really Creepy!
Rick Wiley, executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, has called Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Kind’s campaign and disavowed a controversial ad by Kind’s opponent, Paul R. Nelson.

“When I viewed it, I thought it was a terrible ad,” Wiley told me Monday, confirming he’d called Kind campaign manager Matt Sweeney last week. “The debate needs to focus on the issues,” Wiley said, adding he’s “not sure of the accuracy of the facts” in the ad.

Thursday, Nelson’s campaign issued a news release announcing the ad, which so far can be seen only on the Internet. Some television stations in the district have refused to air it.

The ad, which actually is recycled from a North Carolina congressional campaign, criticizes Kind’s votes against defense spending while also voting against cutting funding for five studies by the National Institutes of Health that involved sexuality.

“Ron Kind pays for sex, but not for soldiers,” the ad’s narrator intones. It also includes references to “masturbation habits of old men” and paying “teenage girls to watch pornographic movies with probes connected to their genitalia.”

Slither through Paul's poltical slime fest.

Click here to see the ad the GOP disowns.

"Gee Mr. Rove, the closer it gets to November 7th, the more crowded it is under your desk." Paul


Pierre Puck said...

After seeing and hearing Nelson's Ads,
I wonder who ever voted for him as Hockey Dad?

Leanne Rice said...

I started out as an ardent Paul Nelson supporter. I have removed myself both as a contributor and a volunteer because Paul's moral compass has changed. He is more interested in doing anything to get elected instead of practicing his so-called Christian values. Yes, Ron Kind voted for those off the wall programs as part of large omnibus bills. I wonder if Ron Kind was ever aware that those large bills contained the 'XXX' legislation that Paul Nelson refers to in all of his advertising? I was with Paul 18 months ago when he first announced his candidacy. I thought that he was going to do great things for our congressional district. I thought the Commandment 'Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself' was meaningful to him. Instead, what we have is a man that has caught the election fever and will do anything to get elected including making a fool of himself, the other Republican candidates on the ticket, the state Republican Party, the St. Croix County Republican party, Ron Kind and the Paul Nelson family. The entire statewide Republican machine has distanced itself from the Nelson campaign. Paul, start telling the voters what you are going to do for us --- not the stupid things Ron Kind has done and stop circulating advertising that our children cannot view due to its adult content. The pundits say that an election that resorts to negativity an election slated for defeat. Unfortunately, this is the case for the Paul Nelson run.

Leanne Rice
Baldwin, WI

Anonymous said...

I live in ME and my government teacher played us this ad one morning. The whole class was in stitches, this ad is literally a joke. And what's up with that voice... hilarious.