OTBL Economics 101


Cato said...

Still too big.

Outraged said...

You are a fool, plain and simple. I don't care how smart you are, YOU ARE A FOOL. Please move to New Orleans where there will be no government assistance waiting for you.

Cato said...

Only a fool would live below sea level on the ocean in the first place, but it would be well, a lie, to state there is "no government assistance" there. I would say it has the most now of any area in the country, aside from maybe Washington DC, where they are building the Nationals a staidum courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Why are you "outraged"? Please note my comments came before there was an additional picture added.

Polybius said...

I'm with Cato on the New Orleans picture. I think the picture mixes a proposed solution (Norquist's idea) with a long existing problem (living below sea level) and panders to reader's sympathy and outrage. The cheapest form of cheapshots!!! Same on you.

Anonymous said...

First there weere bleeding heart liberals and now we having drowning heart liberals. New Orleans is a perfect example of why liberals just look and sound like idiots! You've got a whole city of people too stupid to move. Sure wait till the jurrican comes and then try to run. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. Then blame it all on President Bush. It's as if the liberals want to make it all a big conspiracy. Who's the conspiracy theorists here? In New Orleans the the water flows above your head. Duh! If the level breaks you're screwed. Then the tears start flowing and the bodies begin to float and everybody is crying for Uncle Sam to bring in the buckets and bail us out. The smart people build on higher group. The idiots drown in their own stupidity. Get a clue liberal fools!

Outraged said...

Yeah the wealthy build on the highest ground (oh I mean group) and look down on the poor and delight in their misery and on top of that blame them for it. I'll bet you can't wait for the next jurricane. Although I know it's wrong, when I read comments like anonymous I secretly wish they'd experience the suffering of the victims. Maybe when misforture stikes them they wouldn't be so quite to judge the idiots below.
Talk about stupid. I understand typos but did you ever here of spell check or proof reading?

Cato said...

No one was forced to live in New Orleans. Sure, it cost more to live in areas that weren't prone to being destroyed.


But why should the government put a gun to my head and tell me I should be helping people solely because they made a stupid decision to live in New Orleans? You cannot make such a justification. They are not my problem. Again, they have some of the highest levels of government assistance in the country (they had abnormally high before the town was destroyed by the Cat. 3 hurricane) and it is just plain false to say otherwise.

If you are relaying your secret desires, are they secret anymore? No.

As misfortunate as it is for those people in New Orleans, there is no constitutional justification for federal assistance on the matter.

And I did here of spell check but I cannot speak for the other poster; I don't use it though and if there are typos, there are typos.

Outraged said...


You have no "gun to your head". You are free to not pay your taxes, just as free as those who "choose" to live below sea level. You will just have to live with the consequenses of your choice like the hurricane victims.
The only difference is I have sympathy for them.

Cato said...

Actually, no, the government does have a gun to my head. If I refused some ATF agents would surround my house and I'd get killed. If people could choose to pay taxes, well, the government really could be drowned in the tub.

Unlike the people in New Orleans, I have no choice in the matter whatsoever. It's either live and pay taxes, or die, and have the taxes taken from your estate. Where I live? I have lots of choices, only one of which is "below sea level in New Orleans."

Outraged said...

You are more myotic than I thought.
When you are threatened you have no choice. But when others are theathened it's their fault. You do have a choice. If you have limited income you choose to live where you can afford to live if you can't afford the hilltop you choose the valley and take your chances. If you choose to pay no taxes you will suffer the consequenses. You know damn well the first consequense will not be ATF agents at your doorstep. Maybe eventually if you are that stupid to not capitulate. I think you fantacize of having that show down, don't you. The more I read your ideas the more I have visions of Tim McVeigh.

Cato said...

< /end discussion >

Outraged said...

To close to the truth CATO?

666 said...


I think your grandstanding on the ATF killing you for not paying your taxes. The more likely scenario who be that you would end up in a ClubFed prison and the taxpayers would be stuff paying for your cable TV and tennis rackets.

Joe said...

From the Associated Press:

"New earthquake research confirms the southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles is overdue for a big one. Experts estimate that a quake on the southern San Andreas of magnitude-7.6 or greater could kill thousands of people in the densely populated area and cause tens of billions of dollars in damage. The section last popped in 1690, producing an estimated 7.7 -magnitude quake, but caused little injury or damage because few people lived there at the time."

Boy, when that pops - look out! The quaking-heart liberals will be crying out for more taxes to dig the millions of people out from under the rubble. I'm with Cato when he says: "They are not my problem." I am way too smart to move to L.A. People should have just left that area alone - like it was in 1690. But, nooooo. Millions of people fell for the sunny southern California beaches.

Well, since government has never done anything for me (I'm self-made), I don't want them taking my wealth by force-of-death and using it to dig people out from rubble.

Always keep this philosophy - "They are not my problem."

Outraged said...

Geeze Joe,

Just as I suspected. All the more reason to live back in 1776. You guys
are a barrel of laughs. See you on Judgement Day.

Yust wondering said...

< /end discussion >

So, you're a programmer eh?

Outraged said...

I found the libertarian California headquarters. Now I just have to find a map of the fault.


Very Smart the Las Angeles Libertarian freinds of yours. This will definitely not be my problem.
I guess you know where not to come fordonations when the "Big One" Hits.

Joe said...

Outraged -

Don't worry about the Libertarians in LA. God will protect them from any danger. Like them, I have an extremely high faith in God. On my own, and with the help of God, I made myself what I am today. No government hand-outs. No liberals crying for me. I've picked myself up by my bootstraps so far, that I'm 3 feet off the ground. Hey, maybe I should photoshop a picture of that for my dad.

Outraged said...

You know what Joe,

I have exremely high faith in God as well. That's why I'd prefer to be His intrument in helping others rather than just myself.

Outragged said...

I do my own photoshopping.

Wee Skirt

Joe said...

outraged -

Maybe you're not looking at the big picture. Sometime come on over to the Newton Field Coffee Club and I'll explain it all to you.

Cpt. Spaulding

Outraged said...


I'm waiting till they build Shawnuff Field and start a coffee club there. The lights will be brighter.