Come One, Come All to the Anti-Community OTBL Boobster Days in Hudson!!

Event Calendar:

June 29 - J.D. Salinger book burning at the Pathetic Public Library

June 30 - Neocon Pro-Business Rally at the Hudson Dog Track

July 1 - Contest: Most Hudson High School students smashed into a classroom

July 2 - Blogger Lager Garden

July 3 - Parade of Hudson Police and their OTBL Supporters

Don't miss all the FIREWORKS!!


Lift & Separate said...

You guys are reaching new all time lows. Keep it up and you will loose my support

Jayne Mansfield said...

I need to get something off my chest. Whose that dapper OTBL Boobster with the sporty duct tape muffler??

Playboy said...

It's nice to see that you are trying to keep a breat of local politics. You seem to be able to lift and separate the issues. I love this site -- cross my heart!