The Pending Muslim Brotherhood Apocalypse

"Kiss my black, Muslim-American ass." NEW YORK - A Georgia woman has claimed responsibility for sending a severed pig's foot to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) earlier this month, apparently in protest over a hearing he held on radical Islam. Jacquelyn Barnette, who described herself as Muslim, told the New York Post Thursday that she sent King the package, which also contained an anti-Semitic note. The US Postal Service intercepted the package before it ever reached King's office. "I thought the letters explain themselves," Barnette said. Asked about her comments, King told FOX News she "seems to be a disturbed person." "I'll let the police decide how to deal with her. I don't want to do anything to encourage her or others like her," he said. In March, King held high-profile congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization in the US, saying he aimed to confront the threat of homegrown extremism. Though the note contained anti-Semitic messages, King is not Jewish. The note also reportedly told King to "kiss my black, Muslim-American ass." Read more...


Roadkill said...

Demonizing those who recognize radical Islam as a dire threat to modern western civilization is an exercise in moral blindness and appeasement.

These barbarians shoot, stab, blow up, and mass murder innocents on a scale unseen since the dark ages, then look to morally confused people like you to defend them from public outrage and opprobrium.

Appease the Islamofacists at your own peril; do not appease them at the peril of the rest of us.

Sunny Badger said...


It appears that modern western civilization is a threat to modern western civilization.

How many hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraqi because of modern western civilization's thrist for oil?

Can you point out the "morally confused" part of this post? I'm merely posting the words or thoughts of participants of modern western civilization to stimulate thought and discussion. Those two things, I thought, were part of what has made modern western civilization great.

Roadkill said...


Here are some thoughts:

Equating, as the inane cartoon you posted along implies, McCarthyism with the inquiry into radical islam is risible.

McCarthyism was paranoia; Commies in the US State Department and such (well, in point of fact there were Commies in the State Department, but not on the scale McCarthy asserted). Be that as it may, inquiring into radical Islam is not based on any such delusion. Radical Islamists flew planes into the WTC killing over 3000 Americans. They blow up embassies in Africa, busses in Israel, and crowds of shoppers and job seekers in Iraq. They shoot and knife to death innocent civilians across the globe, in Washington DC and in Fort Hood Texas, and particularly in Israel, where, ironically, Arab Muslims enjoy more freedom and civil liberty than in any other country (outside of Iraq) in the Middle East. It’s a worldwide blood fest, usually underscored with frenetic shouts of “Allah Akbar!”

As such, your defense of that cartoon is baffling. The fact that some in the depths of the leftist fever swamps want desperately to believe there is no moral difference between the two does not justify or legitimize such propaganda. Ironically, the text under the cartoon points out the contradiction; it is yet another of the innumerable examples of the violent extremism engendered by radical Islam. Something to be very, very concerned about.

Serious inquiry into radical Islam is not paranoid, its most rational.

I must also add that the sympathy of the American Left for murderous Islamic extremists is something I just cannot understand. Don’t you see the danger? Are you as blind to the Islamic threat was were the lefties of the 1930’s to that of Hitler? (Well, at least until he invaded the Workers Paradise in 1941; then the American left mobilized!) Does the old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” explain it? Who knows. Will it take Islamists to invade Cuba or North Korea before you all wake up to the threat?

I do know this: should the radical Islamists ever get the upper hand in America, the gays and abortionists and atheists and environmentalists and sundry socialists would be the first to lose their heads. Allah Akbar!

Thurston Howell III said...

I'm assuming that you make a distinction between Radical Islam fundamentalism and Islam?
Do you think all Muslims are radical Islamists? You be surprised to learn that I can agree with a lot of what you say, IF you make that distinction.I'll through out an assumption or two and you correct me if I'm wrong.
1. Being and intelligent conservative, you make a distinction between Islam and Radical Islam or as you call it Islamofacism. Exactly what does that term imply btw?
2. You're not a ditto head.( I hope )

I've observed that people often regurgitate what the media outlets they choose say to them. It's possible that it is even a subtle subconscious response. I have to admit to doing it myself.
As Sunny is fond of saying we all need some "fiber" in our political diets. Would it kill you to listen to NPR one day a week to get an alternative perspective. I can't speak for Sunny but I believe he's taken that challenge and tuned into Glen Beck on more than one occasion.
Another query.
How do we solve the "Radical Islamic" problem. Do we declare a Holy War on Islam?
I see another very dangerous trend in this country. Calvinismofascism as practiced by people like Karl Rove, the Koch Bros. and Scott Walker. If you are wealthy it is because God has preordained that. I think this utter nonsense is just as great a threat to our current way of life.
If I were a libertarian, I'd be pointing to Godwin's law in your last comment. But it seems if Hitler references are utter by Libertarians they have some special exemption from Godwin's law. ( indeed who ever passed that law?)
Since you first brought up the Hitler reference Let me share a quote from him that illustrates the parallels between his behaviour and Scott Walker's.
"We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike." Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933
Have a good day while there are days left to be had.

Roadkill said...


First off, thanks for the civil response. Here are my thoughts:

Of course I recognize the distinction between Radical Islam and the far more common benign form of the religion. The radical manifestation of Islam, which was so rapacious and acquisitive for the 800 years or so after its inception, roughly correspond to what we know as the dark ages. It was only after the advance of Radical Islam was halted – first in Spain and then Austria – that it subsided into a relatively peaceful faith that was able to coexist with Christian Europe and Hindu India. Its extremism was limited to the sands of Saudi Arabia, where Wahibi tribes battled each other for supremacy of the goat herders. It was only later, when western technology and beneficence bestowed on the victors the wealth of petrodollars that Radical Islamicism had the wherewithal to re-emerge as a threat to not only western civilization, but also to other societies throughout the world. It’s a dangerous, violent, dark age ideology reemerging to create chaos in the 21st century.

So yes, I do distinguish the varieties of Islam, and my concern is focused on its violent and virulent manifestation which I call Radical Islam or, I suppose, if the Taliban regime is any example, Islamofacism. To the extent that term is apt has to do with the ruthless nature of the dogma, its suppression of dissent, intolerance of apostasy, subjugation of women, minorities, and homosexuals, expansive aspirations of conquest, and generally militant mindset underscored by its byword of Jihad. True, the fascist connection is not between Capitalist rulers and the Government, as was the case in Italy and Germany, but rather between Religious Rulers and the Government; yet the implications are the same: an unholy alliance between entities that should be separate and distinct. The theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran is a good example, where we see a “Supreme Ruler” countermanding the actions of the democratically elected president who – though not a particularly good guy himself – should be leading the country as a political leader unencumbered by an unelected and unaccountable imam. Islamofascism is a dangerous fusion of religion and politics that needs to be confronted and beaten back in the interest of world peace, civility, and harmony.

To listen to NPR once a week would be unacceptable to me, because I listen to it every day. I do not have any problem with the programming or its content, and even contribute to it financially. What I do find objectionable, however, is that the CPB is dependant on government subsidies. What is most ironic is that tt’s such a good product, it could easily survive and even thrive without the welfare checks from Uncle Sam.

I would also advise Sonny to stop listening to Glen Beck. He may have his enthusiasts, but his ideas are generally half-baked, pseudo-intellectual hogwash that few thoughtful conservatives find worthwhile. For me, I find nothing at all worthwhile in his antics.

Roadkill said...


A few more thoughts to add to my last comment:

Thanks for the pointer on “Godwin’s Law,” which I had never before heard of but, after checking out the definition, find it meritorious. To the extent that I succumbed to it I apologize; I really did not need to bring up the Furher other than to poke a little fun at all the leftists who fail to recognize how close the old Bosch was with Uncle Joe (until 1941, of course).

By the way, that Hitler quote of yours underscores his efforts to stamp out a legitimate aspect of free market capitalism within the Nationalist Socialist state he was creating. IN case you never noticed, unions don’t exist in socialist countries (e.g. there were no unions in the USSR, post-war Eastern Europe, or Communist China, nor are there any in Cuba or North Korea), so Hitler was just purging his new National Socialist regime of that vestige of the capitalist Weimar regime. Furthermore, any unions that did exist at that time in Germany certainly weren’t public or government employee unions. No such parasitical organizations existed in any capitalist country at the time. So, Thurston, just take a deep breath, obey Godwin’s Law, and repeat after me: Scott Walker is not Adolf Hitler.

Mike Folly said...


Watch out for TH3. He's trying to get Roadkill with one of those "straw man" arguments. Remember, there is danger at every curve.