Death Threats, Thug Tactics and Violent Rent-A-Mobs Oh My!!!

Madtown TEA Party staring Sarah Palin...


Anonymous said...

So did you go down there Fat Fuck?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Fat Fuck, But I was in Madtown when the real majority was there. Everyone was on their best behavior and the cops were cheering the protesters on as were the Firefighters. Palin is full of shit when she says they trashed Madison. That pure bullshit. The damage estimate was written on a single piece of paper with a single line. Damage = $7million.
Why weren't you down their to support governor quitter from alaska Anon1?
I'm sure you have about the same IQ.

Sunny Badger said...

Dear Anonomous:
I volunteered at the homeless shelter all day Saturday and
on Sunday helped an old man with dementia figure old how he could navigate through Medicare. His wife passed away recently and used to take care of all this.

Perhaps when Sarah Palin becomes President she will make it easier for these old people and homeless to die in the street. When that day comes, do think the government will pick up the dead bodies or will it be privatized? If we really don't care about what happens to these drains on society, why not privatize the picking up of the dead? That they could grind the corpses up into dog food or something and make a profitable business.

Remember, Jesus loves you. Everybody else thinks you're a cocking sucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

I must have forgotten to click send earlier when I wanted to add this.
"Anon1, your a Fuckin' Asshole"

Anonymous said...

Well said Sunny B.

Anonymous said...

The yellow brick road to surfdom runs right though the Teacher Union Forest.

Roadkill said...

Union Thuggery 101

Columbia Daily Tribune
April 25, 2011

“Videos showing two University of Missouri instructors advocating for union violence are making the rounds online.

“The videos capture Judy Ancel, director of UM-Kansas City’s Institute for Labor Studies, telling a class “violence is a tactic, and it’s to be used when it’s the appropriate tactic.”

“The course, Labor in Society & Politics, is offered as part of the labor studies certificate. It’s team-taught by Don Giljum of Operating Engineers 148. It’s unclear whether those in the class are adult workers or college students. The UM System declined to comment, and Ancel was not available Monday afternoon.”

“Violence is not only a part of union history, he said, violence and sabotage has its place.

“The video also shows a student asking when terrorism becomes a revolution, to which Ancel responds that it’s “terrorism until it’s successful. Then it’s a revolution.”

Reach Janese Silvey at 573-815-1705 or e-mail jsilvey@columbiatribune.com.