Beck - Limbaugh's Take on Japan Tragedy

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daniel noe said...

I'm not sure about Beck, but you must realize that Rush was grossly misunderstood. It is clear in the video he is being sarcastic to prove the exact opposite point. "Illustrating absurdity by being absurd" he calls it. That the Rush video is included makes me wonder if Beck was taken out of context or something.

Dip Stick said...

I'm definitely not sure about Beck. It's like he never gave up his cocaine habit and is still smoking dope. Who gives a rip about video editing. That's how fair and blanaced reporting is done these days: ACORN, NRP, etc.

What context do Rush and Beck fit in? Racist fear mongers?

Anonymous said...

Daniel noe,

Do you listen to these guys often?
It sounds like you are a fan. If so, may I suggest you balance out your news diet with some other news sources. I'd suggest BBC new and NPR.
Just a thought.
"I'm just sayin"

daniel noe said...

I listened to Rush and Beck years ago. Now I'm interested in what real people think (which is why I visit this blog). Besides, I have little opportunity for much else.