Jared Lee Loughner's One Favorite Video on YouTube

This Anti-Government Shit has gone too far!


Anonymous said...

Where are all the "Anti-Government" Crackpots Now?????
This is what your STUPID Rhetoric has spawned. Glad you've help promote "Liberty and Freedom".

Sunny B. said...

Andy, I don't know if the anti-government shit has to stop. I think the politics of bullying has to stop. Threats, intimidation and in-your-face attacks are a tool of those who want to dominate others by force. They are also relied on by the fundementalist idealogues in the crowd who can articulate their feelings through debate and discussion. If all the issues are either black or white, the answer must be eliminate the other color.

For these people to step into the gray zone of the real world is something they are probably not mentally and experiencially equiped to do.

This kid obviously has serious mental issues. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

A TEA Party guy to me this type of thing would never have happened at a Republican event. Why? Because there would be armed people there who would have taken him out.

I explained that this wasn't a Democratic event. This was basically a town hall meeting outside a grocery store. It was the political process of our nation working the way it should. Then allow comes some fucking idiot who likely can't articulate a coherent sentence and starts shooting. My guess is he has never talked to the congresswoman or wrote here a note of concern. Just start firing...kill a nine year old girl, kill a judge, kill and injury many more who were going about the business of everyday life and taking time to talk to their congresswoman.

Sunny Badger said...

Anonymous, glad to see you stop by to provide input to this debate and discussion.

Karl M said...

Anon, I think you are confused. This is the statist blog. This is the blog that advocates climbing into Mother Government's womb and suckling the milk of socialist kindness from the cradle to the grave.

Anonymous said...

I can see where my "comnents" might have been misinterpreted as being aimed at you and this site. They are not. They are aimed at Tea Party types.

Sunny Badger said...


Thinking about it, there seems to be great confusion between "anti-government," "limit government" and "smaller government."

I actually don't know anybody who is advocating for the "anti-government" position. People seem to be yearning for the smaller and limited government position. When pressed for details on their position, you will usually find they want to limit gov't to want they want.

Like the local ontheborderline bloggers. They are all about smaller, limited government. As long as they controlled the blog debate, their arguments control the discussion. When faced with legitimate counter points, they would usually start calling you names like "socialist," "communist" etc. Very similar to want you'd hear from the Becks, Lintballs and Hannity's of the conservative squack radio world.

It's interesting to note that that blog seemed to have went blank right after the November election. Apparently they won...

Anonymous said...

You're slipping, I think you DO know quite a few people who are ANTI Governtment. Here's someone you forgot about.
Grover Norquist in 2001: “My goal is to…get [government] down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”"
It took 10 years but he's spread the word pretty effectively.

Sunny Badger said...

Come on now, Grover didn't say he would actually drown government. He just wants it down to the size where he can drown it.

Remember, Grover and his pansies ass Republicans buddies like Karl Rove are the kids who got picked on growing up and found a way to torture the rest via politics. Norquist and Rove have never been elected to anything other than the Young Republicans.

Pay attention to all these 35-50 year old Republicans. They likely got to where they are through government scholarships to public universities and they detest those Yale and Harvard elists...except for W Bush. They also get an erection of handling large caliber handguns and are hyper-patriotic but never served their country. Evidently, Ayn Rand didn't mention anything about that.