Dayton Brownshirts Set Up Tax "Sting" at Border

Don't Leave Wisconsin without your wallet.

Dayton to demand $58M payment from Wisconsin

by Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio
January 12, 2011

St. Paul, Minn. — Gov. Mark Dayton is drafting a letter to Wisconsin's governor demanding payment of $58 million.

Wisconsin owes Minnesota the money because Minnesota ended its tax reciprocity arrangement with the Badger state.

Acting Minnesota Revenue Commissioner Dan Salomone said Wisconsin officials informed him late last year that Wisconsin's budget problems would force them to miss a December 1, 2010 deadline for payment.

"They were intending to make the payment by July 1. Whether they actually do, we'll wait and see I guess," Salomone said. "Hopefully, that will happen, but they were very clear that they would not be able to make the December 1 payment."

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty ended the tax deal in 2009 and relied on the money from Wisconsin to help balance the state's budget.

Salomone said the 40-year agreement requires Wisconsin to pay interest for any delayed payments. That would be $975,000 if they don't make the payment until July 1.

"The interest is going to be running on a daily basis at $4,600, so I assume we will not settle for anything less than the payment that is owed plus all of that accumulated interest," Salomone said.

An official with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue said her office is trying to determine whether a payment is due and the amount.


Norm Van Hayek said...

Do you think they will use this money to build a new stadium?

Thurston Howell III said...

Stadiums promote the "General Welfare" like it says in the Constitution. I just hope WI doesn't waste $58 Million on people in nursing homes before The Vikings get their fair share of this revenue.

Anonymous said...

Now this is the kind of Government non-cooperation we love to see. Now if we can only set up a toll both on the bridge to N. Hudson we'll see real progress.
I'll check in later, my gun needs cleaning.

Roadkill said...

Or they could use the money to build a new factory or office building for some company that whines enough to the legislature.

That's pretty much the same thing as using it to build a place of business for Minnesota Vikings, Inc - except that their customers probably would not show up wearing purple face paint and horn-helmets.

Best option would be to use this money to get Minnesota's fiscal house in order before they go squandering it on some other hair-brained "General Welfare" scheme.

Andy Rand said...

The best option would have been for both states to continue the reciprocity agreement that had worked quite well for citizens of both WI and MN. for decdes.

Thurston Howell III said...

I'll tell you what I find ironic, no actually more like terrifying.....The fact that the most ridiculous spoof can now be interpreted as a legitimate political opinion. Talk radio has been largely responsible for bringing our country and culture to this abysmal state of affairs.