Ayn Rand on Religion


Anonymous said...

Looks like Ayn's fan base is silent.
I wonder why?

Roadkill said...

Its simple, Thurston. No one who reads this blog is a fan of Rand.

Including me.

I'm one of those "mystics" about whom Ayn has nothing good to say.

Thurston Howell III said...

Then why do you ( I'm assuming )
vote for politicians like Ron Johnson? His "foundational book" is
Atlas shrugged. When a politician makes a comment like that one has to assume that his core values are the same or at least similar to Ayn Rand.
Johnson didn't say. " I'm a mystic" did he?

Roadkill said...


I didn't vote for Ron Johnson because his so-called foundational book is Atlas Shrugged.

I voted against Russ Fiengold because his foundational book is "The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money."