And Now For Something Completely Different...Skiing

Here we are with near record snow levels in the middle of January and I have only been out downhill skiing once so far. As for cross-country skiing, my skis are down from the garage rafter but I haven't been out making tracks yet. I'm hoping that will all change this weekend and I can do both.

I usually go to Afton Alps and try to make it to Welch Village at least once a season. As a matter of fact, this will make 45 years since I spent the money I got for my ninth birthday to go to Afton Alps. I think they had been open for one year.

Wearing hunting boots and bear-trap bindings, visions of Billy Kidd salmoned in my head as I made my way down Christina's Trail for the first time. I only fell down twice on my first run. I was quite proud of my accomplishment.

I got my first skis from Santa at four. They were basically wooden slats painted red with a leather toe strap. They worked for me on those mighty hills at Prospect Park at the top of the hill in Hudson. The good old days filled with great memories!

Check out the picture below. That is of some guy bombing the hills at Trollhaugen 50+ years ago. In fact, Brenda Bredahl, a Hudson writer, has been running a series of stories about history of skiing in the region in the Hudson Patch. The Patch is a new, local online news and information service covering Hudson and the surrounding area.

Check out The Patch

Below are two links to the first two parts of Brenda's stories:

Part 1: December's Record Snow Brings Winter Memories

Part 2: December's Record Snow Brings Winter Memories

PS: There are some really amazing photos that go with these articles. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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