Obama says "I'm a fighter!"

"A long political fight that carried over into next year might have been good politics, but it would be a bad deal for the economy and it would be a bad deal for the American people."

President Obama
12/7/2010 News Conference

Talk is cheap and Obama is certianly not a fighter. He's a bi-racial guy who grew up learning to get along in different worlds. He's more likely a bridge builder. Too bad he is living in a time when politics is overstaffed with demonolition experts and wrecking ball operators.

Let's face it, Obama didn't get were he is today by bitch-slapping ganstas in the 'hood. He got there by doing his homework, getting good grades and putting on his Baskin-Robbins uniform and serving up 31 different flavors of ice cream.

He ain't the big boss man...He ain't big, he's just tall. He's stuck in the middle of doing a political tap dance trying to avoid being drowned in the pissing match between the wingnuts on the right and left.

He's a political animal in a game that requires a seemly rare commodity called "compromise."

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