Local "Brilliant" Capitalists Go Broke

Point your browsers to http://www.ontheborderline.net/?lang=en
I think this says all that needs to be said!


Anonymous said...

Poor Mikhail Ivanovich :-(

Sunny Badger said...

Perhaps Roadkill knows if the OTBLers had a "Save The Blog" pledge drive.

He might have been the last one commenting there before the lights went out.

Maybe they finally collapse from the socialist juggernaut know as "Above The Borderline."

Roadkill said...


I'm uncertain as to the cause of OTBL's blogsite problems, but I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with ATBL.

I do share your amusement with the problems that site is having. I'm sure you know its not the first time things have gone haywire down there.

And I'm sure you know that I'm not their favorite commenter. Even though I have expressed agreement with many of their political and economic positions, they just do not abide a "mystic" like me who asserts that religion remains an important component in personal and communal life.

So I am (was, I guess) routinely insulted and denigrated, with shallow, ad hominem attacks, as an abject mystic fool. Its the price of sin, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roadkill,

Do you know anyone who hasn't suffered
Ad Hominem insults from the OTBL geniuses?

"So I am (was, I guess) routinely insulted and denigrated, with shallow, ad hominem attacks, as an abject mystic fool. Its the price of sin, I guess."

Over here at ABTL, we let someone else pay the price of sin for us.
Now, where do you feel more "at home"?
Just a reminder. POS is a double entendre...Price of Sin, or Piece of Shit. Take your pick. :-)

Sunny Badger said...


The ad hominem attacks thing is funny, because they kicked me off there a few times for countering their cheap shots with my cheap shots. I believe I was kicked off there like six times.

It use to drive them nuts that newly-elected Assemblyman Dean would actually try to hold a conversation on his blog with me. As you know, we people who know-it-all, there ain't any use in debating the issues.

Back in the ragging New Richmond school debate, three of the OTBLers came to a big meeting in NR to help the locals out. It was during one of those times I had them on a wild spree of attacking me. During break at the meeting, I stood next to all three of them eating my cookie and listening to discuss the meeting and wondering if I was at the meeting.

Aw yes...the good old days of blogging. Now it all this facebook stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shit For Brains, it looks like the capitalists are back up and running. You're such a fucking piece of shit Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Nelson said...

I appreciate it when you call me "Mr." That is an appreciated sign of respect.