US Health Care: Twice The Cost; Same Results

Let's the US spends twice as much on health care and gets the same results as other countries with national health care coverage...

Need a hip replacement?

The "average" US cost of a hip replacemtn is $34,454. That's twice what it costs in Germany, three times what it costs in France, and six times what it costs in Switzerland. WTF?

This goes a long way toward explaining why hip replacements are so popular in the United States: they're a huge profit center for doctors and hospitals.

Read IFHP Survey of Medical Costs By Unit...


Anonymous said...

This is no joke. I've heard of many people flying to India to have heart surgery sometimes at the request of their insurance companies.
Look out America, we are about to become a 3rd. World country.

Sunny Badger said...

Anon...people fly to India for heart surgery (usually transplants) because they have the money and don't want to be on the waiting list. In America, you get put on a waiting list that technically doesn't respect how much money you have in your wallet. A poor schumck could get a transplant before Warren Buffet.

Likewise, in India there is a larger source of donors. Of course, the facilities might leave something to be desired.