This Is Wisconsin...

"I can't say the cows ever appeared overly distressed by what certainly had to be a disruption in their day. They would pause in chewing their cud, kinda freezing in a "hunh?" sorta pose, and their eyes would bulge a tad, about like yours would at the point of realizing your taxes were due yesterday. Occasionally one would engage in a little do-si-do (who wouldn't), but all things considered, their reaction to having a stranger's arm up the rectum was positively restrained."

Michael Perry
Coop: A year of poultry, pigs and parenting (2009)


Roadkill said...


Some 20 years ago I read a couple of James Herriot's books, detailing his experiences as a country vet in England. While not a city boy myself, I am certainly no farm boy, and the descriptions of Herriot rearranging the plumbing of sick cows and colic-y horses was somewhat shocking to me. I never realized that these guys (and gals, I suppose) regularly shove their arms shoulder deep into the south end of large, north looking animals.

Sunny B said...


I college, a girl gave her demonstration speech on artificial insemination. It was very interesting, but the teacher cut her off after 45 minutes. Even though it was supposed to be 5-7 minutes, she thought she could give the entire speech she won state it FFA. She stomped out of class and never came back.

The ABS (American Breeding Service) guy lives down the road from me. I noticed the cows get all excited when his truck drives by.

Michael Perry is a good writer who keeps things interesting because of the local color and an interesting resume of life experiences.