Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Fair

"Millions of people — in small islands, least-developed countries, landlocked countries as well as vulnerable communities in Brazil, India and China, and all around the world — are suffering from the effects of a problem to which they did not contribute."

Angelica Navarro
Chief climate negotiator for Bolivia

"Privately, we already hear the simmering resentment of diplomats whose countries bear the costs of our emissions. I can tell you from my own experience: It is real, and it is prevalent. It's not hard to see how this could crystallize into a virulent, dangerous, public anti-Americanism. That's a threat too. Remember: The very places least responsible for climate change — and least equipped to deal with its impacts — will be among the very worst affected."

Senator John Kerry

"That, in a nutshell, is the argument for climate debt. The developing world has always had plenty of reasons to be pissed off with their northern neighbors, with our tendency to overthrow their governments, invade their countries and pillage their natural resources. But never before has there been an issue so politically inflammatory as the refusal of people living in the rich world to make even small sacrifices to avert a potential climate catastrophe. In Bangladesh, the Maldives, Bolivia, the Arctic, our climate pollution is directly responsible for destroying entire ways of life — yet we keep doing it."

Naomi Klein
Read Climate Rage @Rollingstone

“Man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Senator Inhofe (R-Oklahoma)
Senate Committee on the Environment

"There are very few objections to the theory as a whole; everyone in the scientific community agrees that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is on the rise, and almost everyone believes that it cannot help having some effect. To declare, as some editorialists have done, that the warming has not yet appeared and therefore the theory is wrong is like arguing that a woman hasn't yet given birth and therefore isn't pregnant."

Bill McKibben
The End of Nature

"The whole (global warming) thing is created to destroy America's free enterprise system and our economic stability."

Jerry Falwell
Religious Capitalist


Roadkill said...

And since things just aren't fair - or fair enough, anyway - the "Scientists" at the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climatic Research Centre have been collaborating to fudge and fabricate data. That is, when their own climate models are shown, empirically, to be false, there is only one way to promote the requisite panic in developed countries - Fake it!
The imperative is and always has been to create more buy-in on the increasingly shakey theory of man-made global warming. So these huge violations of scientific protocol are surely worth it to the true believers.
Those impoverished third worlders - most of whom live under the yoke of collectivist ecomomies and have a bleak future regardless of the temperature outside - would surely applaud the UEA "researchers." Such deceptions increase Western Guilt, and western guilt amieliorates the burden of collectivism by causing more wealth redistribution (minus the large graft and corruption slice, of course).
Meanwhile, back in the real world, 2009 is shaping up to be another cooling year - which will again confound those scientific models which predicted catastrophic global warming by this time.
I think those East Anglia "Scientists" must pine for the late 90's, when global temperatures were actually going up. These last 10 years or so of global cooling have been such a drag when the imperative is to convince rational people that the Earth is in the Balance.

Sunny B. said...

RK, I know you are a climate change denier...even with all the obvious evidence that we are moving away from the last Ice Age and will no doubt once again have no ice caps at the poles...

The initial eruption of "climate gate" will no doubt like the fires of the deniers who know little about the science behind the issues and less about the statistics discussed in the e-mails. Eventually the hotness of the story will blow over and when the facts come out the world will be more interested in Tiger's scandal and the sex life of the couple who got through White House security to the state dinner.

It is rather interesting that this would happen right before the big meeting in Copenhagen. I re-affirm my professional-wrestling theory of politics. This gets the buzz going and Obama and the Chinese and India chiefs will show up at the conference and every body will be focused the carbon-reduction bone thrown to the window-breaking anarchists. Meanwhile, 30,000 more troops will be going to Afghanistan and the TEA Party will switch allegiance to Obama and start fighting the anti-war demonstrators in the street. Meanwhile national debt and deficit will become a TEA Party moot point as Obama does weekly, Friday radio interviews on Shaun Hannity's show.

Of course, everybody knows that the Third World people are starving because they have been oppressed by the greedy capitalists who raped and pillaged their resources to convert their ill gotten gains into Wall Street investment firms that morphed into a shadow banking system that will eventually ship all the US jobs to the Third World country, as the minimum wage laws is repealed and the labor unions are abolished world wide.

Thus the free market system will which equilibrium just as the killer whales come of the Endangered Species list by devouring the drowned corpses of all the West and East Coast liberal washed out to sea by the rising flood waters resulting from global warming. In flyover country, guns, Bibles and tickets to NASCAR races will become free to the working Americans cheerfully making 50 cents an hours and reading textbooks approved by the Texas School Board in 2009. Michael Moore will replace Castro as dictator in Cuba and Obama will live out the remaining years of his life as the rulers of Kenya.

As always, Roadkill, it's good to see we can agree on some things.

Roadkill said...

C'mon, Sunny, you know that I'm not a global warming denier...just a "man-made global warming" denier.

Heck, the Vikings liked the midieval warming period, when Greenland was warm and lush enough to permit farming along the Southern coasts. What caused that? Could have been a natural occurance, I suppose (and of course it was), but the East Anglica "Scientists" want to find a way to airbrush it out of climatological history - it doesn't fit their AGW narrative.

As we real-worlders know, the only thing constant in life is change, and the weather did in fact get colder again without any anthropological intervention - cold enought to freeze New York Harbor, if you believe what the English settlers wrote about the North American winters in the 19th century.

So pooh-pooh those climategate emails all you want, and build whatever conspiracy theory(ies) you want to explain their revelation at this time, but the fact is that the man-made global warming theory is the biggest scam ever, short of the idea that man can reverse the process. As the East Anglica emails confirm, the climate models are wrong, and as such form no basis for radical actions that will retard and reduce mankind's standard of living to something on the order of late 19th century America.

As for your fabulist conjecture that the Tea Party movement will ever support Obama, I think not. Remember, the Tea Party movment is all about smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and individual liberty. These are all things that President Obama disregards in his every act as President, which only serves to distance him from the vast conservative and independent middle of the Americal electorate.

2010 is going to be a very interesting year...

Sunny B. said...


Concerning the TEA Party jumping over to support Obama, it is a matter of "patriotism" v. "small gov." Evidently they are more concerned with blasting away at the terrorist enemies and ignoring the growing debt, deficit and government. My evidence would be that there was no TEA Party movement till Bush left office. All the TEA Partiers I've met and heard Confusingly enough they also are big Ron Paul fans. Evidently they didn't hear Paul talking about how fast he would pull the plug on the war machine. They are more interested in pulling the plug on the Fed and reinstalling the gold standard. We all need to live on a budget, you know. We all need to live within our means, they say. Of course, few -- if any -- actually practice what they preach.

Of course, as TEA PArty spokesman Russ Limbaugh likes to remind his redneck, racist listeners, Obama is a "man-child" or "little boy" who has excelled in "liesure" his whole life. Off the air and at the bar that translates into "lazy nigger" and works right into the GOP's "Southern strategy."

And so it goes...

Sunny B said...

RK, sounds like U of East A scientist has taken the FOX News approach to the facts. I'm sure an audit will find their models to be fair and balanced. Furthermore, this is really a political issue and why would you expect the information being debate to be based on the facts. The varifiable facts in today's political debate amount to one kernel of corn in a pile of bullshit.

Roadkill said...


In all the crazy ranting in your responses to my comments, you finally brought forth something that has some truth in it, to wit: "this is really a political issue."

Amen, Sunny, I could not agree more. AGW has always been a political issue - a stalking horse created and nurtured and promoted to advance the collectivist, anti-capitalist cause and incite guilt-ridden western liberals to gratuitously slash their standard of living.

As I have said before, I do not deny that we had some warm temperatures in the late 1990's (fortunately not as hot as the 1930's), but to assert that the pathetic little activities of mankind had anything to do with it - or that mankind's petty little activites can change it - is hubristic nonsense. Or like you so impolitely posit: a pile of bullshit.

Sunny B said...


I'll make a blogger's deal with you...you provide the well-thoughtout, reasoned and rational responses and I'll provide the crazy ranting...

I was talking to my bother on Thanksgiving and he told me about a pre-Black Friday news story about how tough times were and they interviewed a mother who varified that it would be a tough Christmas for them. They would have to cut back. She said each of her two kids would only be getting TEN presents.

We reminded each other about Christmas when we were growing up. Seven kids receive a "big present" (like a road race set) from Mom and Dad and a little present from Santa. Santa also gave us an orange, candy cane and some walnuts. My Grandma gave kids wool mittens she knitted and my aunt gave something like socks or a stocking cap or something utilitarian to wear.

My brother asked "why do they put that kind of bullshit stories on TV?" I told him we must be getting old...because we are starting to sound like our Dad.

Only in America...last year you were poor if you had a cellphone. This year you are poor if you have a Blackberry.