Out Maneuvering The 2nd Amendment

Researchers find out-of-state markets to be leading source of crime guns in California, havens for racism

"From pocket-size assault weapons and sniper rifles that can kill a man a mile and a half away to incendiary armor-piercing bullets, you can find what you are looking for at gun shows across the United States -- even if you do not want your name to appear on any paperwork.

In hidden-camera photos and videos captured by UC Davis researchers, men roamed gun shows with assault rifles slung over their shoulders and pistols tucked in their belts, available for sale with no waiting period, background check or paper trail.

Even at licensed dealers, some with more than 1,000 pistols and rifles at a single booth, there were illegal "straw buys" in which real gun buyers concealed their identities by getting other people to put down their names

Pistols rest on a table at a recent gun show. The pistols, which can take sound suppressors and are larger than regular pistols, are copies of the M-10, an automatic sub-machine gun made famous by gunmaker Ingram. The pistols are not available for sale by licensed gun dealers in California because they are not on the Approved Handgun Roster, but they can and are sold in other states, such as Nevada. In some cases, the dealer obviously recognized the "straw buy" but sold the firearm anyway..."

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