A Little Imagination Might Move Mountains

My uncle the engineer sent me an interesting video about a guy who shows how Stonehenge might have been assembled using ordinary items and simple techniques. In the world that seems to worship the god of over-complication, the simplicity demonstrated here makes one think...


Roadkill said...


Very interesting stuff. What a fascinating guy!

The methods and procedures used by the ancients to erect their monuments has always piqued my interest. Stonehenge seems an awesome achievement, but regardless of how it was done, it is, of course, dwarfed by the erection of the great pyramids.

I have been reading up on an alternative explanation to the conventional pyramid-building expanation (which is exterior ramps either circumscribing the structures or elevating up one side). A guy from England now thinks, based on geo-sonar readings of the pyramids, that the ramps were INternal and that open areas still exist in a spiral configuration around the interior of the structures.

Who knows? Proof would require disassembly of the pyramids (which would be a desecration for all but the islamofascists), but perhaps technology will at some time reveal the secrets of the pyramid-builders.

Hey, keep this non-political guy stuff coming!

Sunny B. said...

RK, have you ever read any stuff by Erich von Däniken? He wrote Chariots of the Gods and theorizes about the influence on human culture by aliens. Stonehenge along with Easter Island, the Pyramids, etc. must have had alien assistance to build those things.

My wife had some books by him back 25 years ago and I read them and few others along the same line. This was before political talk radio shows. Now that Air America is available, she has more terrestrial conspiracy theories to champion.

That's what I like about this piece of video. It shows the some unbelievable things can be done with simple methods. The extraterrestrial stuff doesn't give our ancestors much credit for being innovative. I suppose there are other beings out there in space, but I'm not holding out much hope for their visits. My guess is that no matter how advanced they are they are still governed by the economic laws of supply and demand and unlimited wants and limited resources.

I've yet to read any science fiction that actually includes these realities into the story line. If they have to build a death ray to kill Godzilla in the movie, it is just done. I'm sure that somewhere on the other side of the Milky Way on plant Fronobulax there would be beings bitching about the waste of resources sending a space ship 60 gazillions millions away or a mission to build Stonehenge or a couple of Pyramids.

It's like arguing over whether the Earth is 6,000 years old or if man evolved from the pprimordial soup. That's parlor game stuff. Will agruing about the past improve the future?

shopman said...

Re Pyramids: It's been demonstrated via this same simplicity that a single external ramp would have been 3 times the effort of the pyramid itself. I agree with this principle.

While we may never know how the pyramids were built, we do know that simple math and physics were used.

Water levels and the ancient formula for finding square...1+2=3.

Personally, I believe that a single external spiral ramp was used to erect the major stones. The finishing stones were placed via scaffold, remember slave labor and no OSHA at the time.

Then again, what the Hell do I know?!