Conspiracy Anyone?

I've been having an e-mail chat with an acquaintance of mine who is hardwired to Rush Limbaugh. Although he constantly tells me that he is opened minded about all things political, the only thing he mentions concerning his information is what he hears on Rush's daily show. He takes his lunch out to the car so he can get educated to Rushdumb.

He told me the group ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is one of the most radical groups in the nation and play a key role in Obama's election victory. I told him "ACORN" is a word used by the White Right as a code word for Blacks...especially intercity Blacks. Since ACORN is a visible group working in the inter cities of most large American cities, the likes of Rush and Hannity and Glen Beck and others to strike fear in the hearts of White Americans in large voting population areas. It didn't work.

Doing a little Internet research, I found an interesting web site (Discover The Network) that tracks the great left-wing conspiracy. You will find out who the evil doers are who are trying take over the all-white country clubs or America and make their little White daughters sit next to little Black boys in elementary school and share stimulus package snacks after school while waiting for the bus.

If you know of a corresponding website the helps track the vast right wing conspiracy, let me know.

Discussion question:

Which group is more radical ACORN, ACLU or NAACP and why?

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