The Two Red Faces of McCain

McCain endorsed by widow of founder of "radical education foundation"

In John McCain's newest Web ad, he attacks Barack Obama for supporting a "radical education foundation" that gave millions to "ideological allies" that resulted in scant improvement in the quality of public schools. He was referring to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

McCain, who has criticized Obama for his ties to William Ayers, one of the founders of Chicago's Annenberg project, is now associating with the very foundation that funded the "radical" work. His campaign sent out a press release listing all of the former U.S. ambassadors who support him.

On his supporters' list: Leonore Annenberg, 90, who was chief of protocol in the Reagan White House and is the president and chairman of the Pennsylvania-based Annenberg Foundation. She is the widow of Walter H. Annenberg, the late publisher, philanthropist, ambassador, and founder of the Annenberg Challenge.

Read more on @ the Annedberg Challenge.

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