Celebrate Take Your Gun To School Day

Guns are people too! Don't they deserve the opportunity to get a education?

An adjunct librarian shot and killed a fellow employee Monday afternoon in the library at Northeast Lakeview College, located at 8300 Pat Booker Rd., school officials said.

The 62-year-old librarian walked in around 2:15 p.m. and shot Devin Zimmerman, a 37-year-old instructor and fellow librarian, said Eric Reno, president of the college. He then sat down and waited to be arrested. Reno said the two men knew each other and worked together often, but officials had no motive for the shooting.

"I wish we had an explanation for why this happened," Reno said. “It’s a tragedy nobody could have imagined.”
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Anonymous said...

why the HELL would you leave something like " celebrate national take your gun 2 school day "

that incident was nothing 2 laugh about.

i was there in the school when it happend, and it was horrible.


Sunny B said...

I don't think the poster was celebrating this tragic event. I think Hope Monger was pointing out the irony to the statement by the official who said "It's a tragedy nobody could have imagined."

If you follow current events, you too will notice that these tragic events that noboy could have imagined are happening everyday.

Let's see:

Eight year old shoots his father and father's friend.

19 year old commits suicide online.

Sarah Palin gets interview in front of turkeys getting slaughtered.