Ya Learn Something New Everyday

Listening to Glenn Beck's radio show tonight, I learned the Helen Keller was a communist. Below is a picture of Keller with Dwight Eisenhower. She actually met every President from Grover Cleveland to LBJ. This explains why Ike fought to put a stop to Joe McCarthy's Communist witch hunts. This is more proof of the One World government that none dare call a conspiracy.

Below is an excerpt from Beck's show:

"...You know one of the most amazing stories I've read in a long time, do you know about Helen Keller? Everybody learns that Helen Keller was this great woman, "Oh, she did it herself." First of all, she wasn't the first woman to do it. I mean, I can't believe I'm taking down Helen Keller today, but the woman was a communist. By the time she was 25, full fledged communist, supporting Lenin and everything else he was doing. And she was then preaching, "You can't do it." Helen Keller was saying you can't do it, you can't make it? Why is it that all of a sudden the people who have come from the bottom make it and then all of a sudden try to tell everybody else that they can make it? I don't understand. Oh, maybe I do. It's about power."


Of course, after Ike came JFK and below we have a picture of Keller with JFK. Obviously, both Ike and JFK were fellow travelers. No doubt, Nixon and LBJ must have been in on the secret also. Of course, FDR and Eleanor would have been part of the conspiracy. If we trace it back far enough, we might find that Karl Marx was actually Keller real father.

Thankfully, I have the Internet to help add fiber to Glenn Beck's comments. Below are a few insightful comments from an article titled

Helen Keller: American Hero or Filthy Communist?
. The article appear in the Mac Weekly, MaCalester' Independent Student Weekly Newspaper since 1914.

Here goes:

"Born in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 1880, Helen Keller, contrary to popular opinion, was not blind and deaf from birth. Much like autism or homosexuality, Keller developed her handicaps as the result of inner sin and an unclean soul."

In other words, the Devil make her do it...

"Then, tragedy. With a college diploma in hand, Keller did what many self-indulgent academics do: join the socialist party. There she abandoned her honest, hard-working American ways, only to embrace and advocate such left-wing, lunatic fringe, liberal non-sense as women's suffrage and birth control."

Proof that Keller was one of those crazy, Commie women fighting for women's rights and that evil birth control.

Here's the Keller quote that hangs her on the hammer and sickle of shame:

"Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."

Thankfully, the Twins were getting their asses kicked by Cleveland and I turned to Glenn Beck's show. Otherwise, I may have continued to go through life admiring Helen Keller for her spirit, drive and accomplishments.

As I post this, the Twins and Cleveland are tied 9-9 in the 11th. Coincidently, 9-9 and is 2/3 of 666 inverted. Hmmmmmmmmm...very interesting...

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Prof. Doolittle said...

I smell the "unclean" hand of Dr. Bil
smearing his filthy ideas in this rag to sway the in easily influenced youth vote at MaCalester. Dr. Bil must be taking classes for his Master's online at MaCalester.
Who's the next "Commie" to be unveiled? Mother Teresa?