Barf Bag Philosopher

Karl Rove gives make-nice advice to the McCain and Obama campaigns and doesn't mention anything about McCain fathering an illegitimate, Black daughter.


Anonymous said...

It's about time the Straight "Double Talk" Express gets derailed.

Fact Check said...

This is a stupid TV ad. The "facts" are quotes from Obama-leaning writers! What's that supposed to prove? Even McCain hasn't stooped to running an ad that is nothing more than quotes from his supporters. Obama is so lame.

Shaun Hannity said...

We don't try to prove anything here. We let you decide. We are what you call "fair and balanced."

Oviously you are an unAmerican who doesn't wear a flag pin on his pinstrip suit and possibilily owns a copy of the "Communist Manifesto" or "None Dare Call It Conspiracy." Like Helen Keller, you are probably a socialist gone bad and turned into a Republican. As Hank Paulson said, "God help us!"