Same Old GOP...Grand Old Plan

"My vision for renewing our party in 2008 is the same as it was when I ran [unsuccessfully] for leader after the 2006 elections: I believe the way back to a Republican majority is to the right. Our new Republican minority must rededicate itself to the ideals and standards that minted our majority in 1994. Only by renewing our commitment to fight for the principles embodied in the Contract with America can we hope to have the credibility to earn back the opportunity to lead this national legislature. We will only defeat the Democrat agenda by presenting a positive, conservative message in vivid contrast to the big government liberalism of the new majority. To renew our majority, we must offer this nation a compelling vision of fiscal discipline and reform. . . .We must again embrace the notion that Republicans seek the majority not simply to govern but to change government for the better."

Rep. Mike Pence
Indiana Republican

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