O. Schmitt! This Guy's From Gilman...

Who is that guy?

When the college bowl games hit, there is always some great stories that come to the surface. Owen Schmitt from Gilman -- east of Cornell on US 64 -- left his imprint on bowl fans last night. He rumbled down the field like a dump truck at full throttle -- bound for the end zone on the breakout play of West Virginia's 48-28 victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

His story is inspiring! Schmitt overcame anonymity and overcame a childhood that was far from easy. Born with a cleft palate in a family that toted a lunch pail, he once described himself a “a fat little kid with glasses”. He was raised in Gilman, Wis., a town of 474 people and maybe twice that many cows.

On Last Lick

Schmitt paving way for W. Va.

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