Dr. Bil - Breaks Out New Year's Bubbly

For most of us, New Years is a time to celebrate a new beginning, but not for loco blogger Dr. Bil.
This Dr. of Liberty lives by the slogan, "out with the old, in with the older".
For the past 3 years him and his pals at ontheborderline.nut have been nursing the same bottle of blogger lager, so why would we expect '08 to be any different.
As anticipated Dr. Bil will make whoopee with his favorite libation, A Rare1776 Vintage Public Education Whine. (it was a very good year according to Dr. Bil and he buys it by the barrel). He even brought out his old tired phrase "and demonstrated it in spades", just for the occasion.
He also dusted off his favorite topic, teacher salaries, the bane of society inflicted on us taxpayers by the nobility of the looting class.
Just for fun we did a little salary research.
Wow, I never knew teachers were rolling in dough like that! I don't know about you, but these bulging wallets sure made me think about getting a teacher job and investing a couple more years to get another Master's Degree.
For a little more fun, let's make a comparison. Teacher Salary vs. Blowhard Oxyconton Addict Radio Host Salary.

Clearly, the invisible hand of the market is telling us, society needs more blowhard oxycontin addicted radio talk show hosts than looting class teachers.

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Who else on earth could take a comment from another online article and turn his retort into the chapter of a vanity press book? Nobody but Dr. bil.

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