Q: Who Sounds Like A San Fransisco Liberal?

"We talk about medical marijuana and, as a physician, it's controversial in conventional medicine. I happen to believe that it is probably very, very helpful, and I bet you there are a few testimonials for that. But even in the legislative sense - in the political sense - the federal government doesn't have this authority. I mean, if a state especially comes in and says you can use it, like some of these states have, then for the federal government to come in and say that we are going to override the state law, even if it's just a modest legalization, and override this law, that's an offense just on the issue of states' rights. But how can people do this? How can an individual talk to you like that, and still say, 'Well, I'm a compassionate conservative - I want you to suffer'? That's what they're saying. You know, it's outrageous."

Republican Ron Paul
Durham, New Hampshire Town Hall meeting
Nov. 9, 2007

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