Q: What Is Sean Hannity Afraid Of?

A: Ron Paul

Below is a video collection with Ron Paul discussing his vision of foreign policy in a recent debate and Rudy Giuliani firing back with his vision. The post debate -- hosted by FOX News (always fair and balanced) -- discussion carried over to an interview with Paul on Hannity and Colmes. The final clip is Hannity on his radio show trying to fend off Paul's supporters.

For Hannity it's all a conspiracy cooked up by Paul's supporters and/or the liberal bloggers. If you listen to Hannity, it doesn't take long the he is for pushing for Rommney or Giuliani. He spending the most time under the desk of team Bush-Cheney and the consummate mouthpiece of corporate Republican talking points must be having visions of co-hosting a cable-access TV show with Tucker Carlson in the near future.

As I've mentioned before, the 2008 Reality Presidential contest would feature Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Both candidates are in the position where they can actually talk truth in the debates and political discussion. Of course, both get painted at nut cases buy the corporate pawnbrokers. Both Paul and Kuchinich wear heavy shades of the make-up of populism and exude hardly a whiff of the "buck scent" of corporate politics. It's interesting to see all the other Republican candidates focusing on Hillary Clinton, while Paul is standing on some very bedrock principles of Republicanism that would be familiar to Reagan, Goldwater and Nixon.

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