O. Nonimous Manure-For-A-Brain Award

Voted-out Yakima councilman sues winner's wife for anonymous blog

In honor of our local blogging friends at Ontheborderline.nut, we are proudly presenting a new series of awards. These awards will be handed out on a "regular" basis in order to honor the low life in a community who anonymously slanders and slimes individuals with false and misleading information.

Our award, the O. Nonimous Manure-For-A-Brain Award is created in dishonor of ontheborderline.nut blogger O. Nonimous. The person who wins this award will be any anonymous blogger who attracts the attention of the police or court systems by anonymously blogging false and slanderous information about someone in the community. Receivers of this award are generally marginally employed and usually live off the labor and related retirement and health benefits of their spouse. In edition, receivers of this award are always hyper-jealous of anyone who has been able to have a successful career that is looked favorably on by the community. Furthermore, this award winner never has to worry about being highly overpaid and is definitely gifted at using large words to confuse loved ones when accused of being lazy and shiftless. Finally the winner of this award is recognized for spending excessive amounts of unproductive time in the basement on a computer trying to use the words "malfeasance" and "public" in the same sentence.

So, with the above in mind, we proudly present the N. Onimous Manure-For-A-Brain Award to Diane Ensey of Yakima, Washington for her efforts to take anonymous blogging to a new in public elections.

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Yakima city councilman who lost his bid for re-election has sued his opponent's wife for blogging unfounded rumors that he had been arrested for drunken driving.

Ron Bonlender lost his seat last week to Rick Ensey.

After the election, Ensey acknowledged his wife, Diane, was the anonymous blogger.

Now Bonlender is suing Diane and Rick Ensey in superior court for defamation.

Rick Ensey says he can't comment on the lawsuit.

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