Pribonic Brings The Borderline To Memphis

My thoughts: Smoke-tax crackdown flouts laws of economics
by Mark Pribonic
Memphis Commercial Appeal

Local borderline blogger had the following op-ed piece appear in the Sunday, November 25 edition of the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

A few weeks ago Tennessee Department of Revenue officials announced a crackdown on individuals who commit the high crime of purchasing goods at the lowest possible price. The penalties for this egregious act include confiscation of property and possible fines.

Tennessee state government is displeased with citizen reaction to the 42-cent increase in the tax on a pack of cigarettes that went into effect in July. Apparently some residents have the audacity to buy their smokes across the border now, thus denying the state bureaucracy a portion of its booty.

The ignorance displayed by elected officials when the subject matter requires economic common sense and historical perspective never ceases to amaze me. Tennessee's 62-cent-per-pack cigarette tax is a case in point.


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