A Crackerjack Philosopher's Dilemma


CANRAC said...


Good stuff man, keep it up.

weinie watcher said...

Will someone tell Curt The School District and the YMCA are NON-Profit organizations! Heaven forbid that they collaborate to make Hudson a better community. Get a life Curt!

CANRAC said...

Somebody explain to me exactly what the conflict of interest is? First of all the school had a legitimate emergency which made the building uninhabitble, in emergencys state statute allows for quick contracts or agreements for services. Second of all, where else could daycare could have been held? Bear Buddies is too small, there is no facility that could have provided that. Of course we could have bused the kids someplace out of town like one of the east metro Y's. Would somebody please remove the box of straws so these guys quit grasping??