Seeking Qualified Individuals For:

ATBL, a not for profit blogging antagonist to the right wing fanactic lunacy of ontheborderline.nut is seeking a shadow administrator for an immediate opening. The successful candidate should have a working knowledge of the Right Wing politics of hate and destruction engaged in by ontheborderline.nut.
Familiarity, with Ayn Rand's psuedo-philosophy and Ann Coulter hate speech a must.
A plentiful repetoire of Ludwig Von Mises humor a definite plus.
Duties will include satirical graphic design and composition of mocking and insightful written commentary exposing the destructive extremist propaganda agenda of ontheborderline.nut.
Devotion to the teachings of party leader Chairman Mao required.
WEAC membership optional.
Candidates with sharp and intelligent wit and artistic vision are encouraged to apply. Classical Liberals and Objectivist resume's will be will be diposed of and recycled at New Richmond Communist Party Headquarters.
Benefits include long hours of research for no pay and no recognition.
If you meet these qualifications call 1-666-Socialist today.
An Equal Opportunity Employer

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