OTBL Celebrates The "Go To Hell Gov. Doyle" Deer Season Opener

"... I, personally, have written hundreds of anonymous articles and I would challenge Dennis, or anyone, to point out purposeful mistatements of fact, unwarranted "vitriol," obscenities or purposeful ad hominem."

"Comment #10379 by BobZiller on 10/23/2007 @ 3:22 pm

"Now I can add another attribute to anonymous bloggers - lying."


I need more exposure said...

Putting a bumper sticker on this buck's rump would certainly give my business some "Affordable Exposure," if you know what I mean. And it would help if you could add some jumbo cashews coming out of its ass!

CANRAC said...

This guys stuff is almost as good as the Minnesota gas buyers. Another one who just doesn't realize that most don't care what he thinks.

Actually I think a few dropping from that deer were found next to the Devin Willi threat letter.